Beginning to Say Goodbye: One Last Quarter

Clare Keller

Amidst the transition from third to fourth quarter, the graduation date for the Class of 2021 nears. Whether you’re looking forward to this day or not, it’s rapid approach is not something to dismiss. As seniors enter their last fourth quarter ever at Saint Joe High, they’ve begun the process of reflecting and processing their inevitable departure. 

With so much going on, both good and bad, at school and around the world, it’s been hard for seniors to really come to the realization that their time at Saint Joe will soon be over. Senior Bella Saratore says, “I feel like my brain hasn’t registered that I’m almost done with high school. I’m so focused on each moment that we have because at this point I’m trying to appreciate it all.”

As this change in life rapidly approaches, with it emerges reminiscing on and getting lost in the memories of the past. Senior class president Josie Lloyd shared that, “I was listening to fifteen earlier today and I remember my dad playing it on my first day freshman year. To look back from now to then is really weird.” Time certainly flies when you’re having fun, especially when you’re surrounded by an amazing group of people. 

Saint Joe has been home for the Class of 2021 for the past four years, and saying see you later to this community will come with some tough goodbyes. Tea Lazareto, who has worked closely with the business office throughout her highschool career, says she will miss dearly the staff and administrators that she got to know and love the past four years. 

Although branching out beyond the Saint Joe community will be difficult, it also is an exciting time full of hope and promise for the seniors. Zoe Tembo, who plans to go to school on the east coast, said that she is looking forward to “meeting new people and experiencing new places outside of the Midwest.”  There is so much of the world to explore, and South Bend has just scratched the surface. 

From reflecting on the past, enjoying the present, and looking to the future, the minds of Saint Joe seniors are certainly full. Although it is easy to become wrapped in the bittersweet sadness that comes with leaving, enjoy and absorb as much as you can in these last final weeks. Have a wonderful last quarter Saint Joe.