Egan Twins Spend 24/7 Together Thanks to Class Schedule


Mia Naman

Can you imagine doing everything with your sibling? Well, the Egan’s certainly can as it is their reality. From spending every minute together at home to every minute together at school, it seems as if the Egan twins are inseparable. 

Both of the boys are involved in Boys’ Golf and used to play Boys’ Basketball. They also take part in Fed Challenge and participated in this year’s musical, Godspell. If you think that doing extra-curricular activities together is enough time with your sibling, just wait! The Egan twins have every single class together, meaning they spend every minute of the day together! From AP Calculus BC to AP Spanish, their schedule is full of rigorous courses and has been since freshman year, but this year is particularly interesting as they have never had every single class together.

Next year, the two will be attending the University of Notre Dame to further their academic careers. Their hard work throughout all of high school has paid off as they have achieved numerous awards such as being Saint Joe Scholars and National-Merit Scholar Semifinalists.

The two enjoy hanging out with their friends, playing pickup, and golfing in their free time. It seems as if Matthew and Sean will are inseparable- but that isn’t the case. According to Sean, “We hope to distance a little bit in college. We will still be best friends, but would like to create a life for ourselves where we can come together and celebrate each others’ accomplishments.” The twins love spending time with one another, but spending every second of the day together might be a bit too much for them.

The Egans have so much to look forward to and their family and friends are excited to see what the future holds for them. Make sure to say hi to the Egans in the hallways and to congratulate them on all their successes throughout high school!