Michiana Destinations: Saint Joseph, Michigan

A small city that offers a large palate of experiences


Benjamin Amat, Staff Writer

Sitting on the mouth of the Saint Joseph River, the city of Saint Joseph rests on the convergence of the winding river, and the great Lake Michigan. In this small city there are many gems that are to be found.

Saint Joseph sits on the northern end of Berrien County, near the convergence of I-94 and US 31. The city’s location on Lake Michigan creates it a prime beach destination.

Just south of Saint Joseph is Grand Mere State Park, featuring large dunes that lead up right to the edge of Lake Michigan. To get to the shoreline, you must walk about a half mile on a paved trail along inland lakes, and then through small sand dunes. Along this path there are many wildflowers to look at. The beach at Grand Mere is often one of the least busiest in the area due to this hike, and is a great beach destination for more secluded experiences. The shoreline offers about two miles of uninterrupted beach, with big sand dunes along it. Overall, Grand Mere State park is one of the best hidden gems of Saint Joseph.

Just beneath the city, below the bluff, sits the well-known Silver Beach County Park. This park is the busiest beach in the area, offering a wide sand beach with many activities such as beach volleyball and playgrounds. Next to the beach lies a huge splash pad that offers giant blasts of clean, cool water. Next to the pad is a train station that contains Silver Beach Pizza, one of the prime restaurants of the area. On the northern end of the beach is the South Saint Joseph Pier, and awesome destination where you can walk out to the middle of lake Michigan where the Saint Joseph River meets the Great Lake. Just across from this pier offers fantastic views of the famous lighthouse.

Saint Joseph’s location on a large bluff overlooking the lake makes it a prime location for viewing the beautiful sunsets that happen every night over Lake Michigan. Great restaurants such as RyeBelles and The Buck within the city offer porch views of the lake and great food.

Within the city itself offers a long strip of many small shops. Here, you will find shops that sell clothing, coffee, adventure gear, and even a South Bend Chocolate Cafe. There are also many ice cream shops to seek out that offer fantastic servings of ice cream perfect for a hot summer beach day.

Overall, Saint Joseph Michigan is an underrated beach city that offers a fantastic beach experience. A trip to Saint Joseph is a must-do for any beach lover.