New Animal Species

Angel Orozco

2021 has brought plenty of surprises – including the recent discovery of new animal species including a deep sea octopus named The Emperor Dumbo and a nano- chameleon.

The Deep Sea-Dumbo or the Emperor Dumbo is a found to be the deepest living octopi in the world. It lives about 4000 feet under water in the Pacific Ocean.  This Octopus is hard to find making it one of the rarest octopi as well as one of the smallest. Their height goes from 7.9 to 12 inches although some maybe found to be 5 feet making them more rare than those who fall between the 7.9 and 12 inches range.

The Nano-Chameleon is another new species being only slightly larger than a finger nail. This species was found in Madagascar and only two were found, one male and one female. This small chameleon is part of the chameleon family but doesn’t change color helping it blend in with the forest.

Who knows – perhaps 2022 will unearth more animal species!