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Angel Orozco

Angel Orozco, Reporter

Hi, My name is Angel I am a senior at Saint Joseph. I am a member of Spanish Club, Drum line and art club. I am a Spanish tour guide and member of student ambassadors. Outside of school I help students in catechism classes on Sundays and I go to mass twice on Sundays.

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Saint Joe Answers The Call: Keep The Flame Alive

Saint Joe Answers The Call: Keep The Flame Alive

January 31, 2022

To coincide with the beginning of Catholic Schools Week on January 31, the Catholic Identity Committee announced that they are launching a video contest...

For King and Country

For King and Country

December 12, 2021

For King and Country is a Christian pop duo, both Luke and Joel Smallbone living out a Catholic life and singing songs to praise and adore God. Luke and...

Saint of the Week: Francis Xavier

November 23, 2021

Saint Francis Xavier, was born April 7, 1506 in Navarre, Spain. He grew up and received his early education in Xavier, later studied at the University...

Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy

November 21, 2021

Little Alchemy is a science game online. You have the opportunity to use different elements to create new elements or objects with the power of science....

The Venerable Augustus Tolton

The Venerable Augustus Tolton

November 12, 2021

Father Gus, also know as Father Augustus Tolton, was born April 1, 1859. Father Augustus is a black Catholic on his path to Sainthood. In his early years...

Martha Clearys Faith Life

Martha Cleary’s Faith Life

October 24, 2021

What can you tell the Saint Joseph community about your faith life? Martha is a senior at Saint Joseph High School, both her family and Martha herself...

New Animal Species

September 7, 2021

2021 has brought plenty of surprises - including the recent discovery of new animal species including a deep sea octopus named The Emperor Dumbo and a...

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Angel Orozco