Movie in review:Reminiscence


Jace Stasney

A futuristic movie starring Hugh Jackman set in a time where the coastal cities are all flooded. The flooding is caused by global warming. The people of this time sleep during the day as the heat and humidity are unbearable. Nights are when everyone works and plays. Small boats are the Uber and Lyft of this time period complete with the little lights above the steering wheel of the boats. Hugh Jackman is Nick Bannister, a private investigator of the mind. He uses a system that allows him to see into the minds of people and actually records their memories. It’s a fairly civilized future as there are still police and court systems. He lends his talents and machine to the courts, at a cost, to help with crime investigations.

The beginning resembles the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons. The orphan boy Lewis invents a device for the science fair that he hopes will show him what his mother looked like when she left him at the orphanage as a baby. The comparison stops there as Lewis’ device is rudimentary compared to the device used by Nick Bannister. His device actually creates holograms and he is able to record and store every session on a clear disc-like storage device that he stores in a bank vault. Did I forget to mention his building is located in an old deserted bank building? it proves a good backdrop for his machine as the lobby of the bank has high ceilings and large area for the device.

Besides the work he does for the court system, people come to him to remember some of the best parts of their past. The parts that are no longer possible due to the state of the world. They come to spend time with loved ones that are no longer on the earth. They come to be a different version of their self – younger, happier, without wounds from a long gone war.

Of course, there is a plot twist, that involves a beautiful woman whom the detective becomes enamored with. At this point, many mysteries start to unravel and Nick sets forth on a journey of realizations. To tell more would involve massive spoilers – so check out Reminiscence to find out more.