Extracurriculars in an Unusual Time

Kyle Feldkamp, Staff Writer

As St. Joe has moved virtually for the near future, extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports have made changes to their normal routine to accommodate a COVID defined world. 

Extracurricular activities at St Joe include sports, academic competitions, school leadership, technology, art, and musical clubs. 

Many clubs acquire new membership at the extracurricular fair during one of the first flex periods of the year. Although, as long as the school stays in a virtual setting, that event has been postponed.

Fall sports have already taken steps to address changes through a policy laid out in early July. According to a statement released by the Athletic Department, practices have been socially distanced, and students exhibiting symptoms have been asked to stay home.

Some clubs have already taken steps to move to a virtual setting, and begin to participate in activities. Mr. Reynolds and the Student Government held their first meeting on Wednesday the 26th. A date for Freshman Class elections will soon be announced for any interested students.

However many clubs have yet to determine changes on whether or not they will stay active in a virtual setting, or postpone activities until the school moves to in-person classes. Some clubs such as Mock Trial are dependent on the decisions of outside organizations. There have been no announcements made by the Indiana Bar Foundation on policy changes to the annual Mock Trial Competition held in early March.

Administration and faculty will work together over the next few weeks to communicate details and information to better help the teacher moderators in decisions necessary to keep students safe while maintaining the culture that St. Joe has fostered over its many years.

As it was recently announced that the school would be moving into a hybrid mode learning environment, clubs may opt to adjust to the split settings and hold both virtual and in-person meetings. Look for updates here in the ever-changing environment of 2020.