Senior Spotlight: Mary Miller

Grace Ryal


I caught up with senior artist, Mary Miller, to see what she has been working on recently artistly. Mary has been hardly working on her recent art pieces for her AP Art class. I asked her a few questions to get to know her better and learn more about why she got into art. Her art pieces to the viewers, seem to express emotions from her childhood or childhood in general. Mary’s creativity with different settings, incorporating animals, and core memories are what makes her artwork so unique and interesting.

What made you get into art?  “I was always a crafty kid and being here at St Joe taught me how to use my creativity to my advantage and to express myself in different art classes.”

What is your inspiration for your recent works?  Different people in my family, like my grandma and my brother, (who has been in her recent works) and of course Bob Ross.

What is your favorite medium to use? My favorite medium is between oil paints or any kinds of paint.

Who is your favorite art teacher? Ms Firestone

Do you want to do something with art in the future?  I am planning on going to art school and making a living out of art. My dream job would be having a gallery and selling my works for a living.