Little Alchemy


Angel Orozco

Little Alchemy is a science game online. You have the opportunity to use different elements to create new elements or objects with the power of science. In little Alchemy one there are five hundred and eighty different combinations you are given four elements to start with. Those four elements are the basic elements; fire, earth, water, and air.

With these four elements you are able to create more fun, cool, or interesting creations like eventually getting an astronaut, batman, or an ice cream truck. It takes time and patience to make it up to the last element but to make things easier on the right side you are able to see what you have created and the names that go with it, if the name or title is underlined than its at its final form and can not be combined with anything else.

As the game continues or you continue to combine elements you start getting mythical creatures for example a minotaur or a unicorn. The unicorn is created by combining a rainbow and a horse, interesting but first you need to make the rainbow and horse separately. Some objects may be a little more complicated like creating a solar system or sound on its own. Hundreds of different ways you can come up with to create new things whether they work is entirely by “chance”. Creating special elements is something you can do too. Two examples are a yeti or a keyboard cat but explaining how to make them would ruin the experience. If anything the game requires patience and time but can be a new way to learn how different things are created.