Seasonal Depression Advice

Seasonal Depression Advice

Sophia Rozycki

As the weather fades to gray, and temperatures drop increasingly, our seasonal depression begins to set in. Avoiding the cold while also trying to enjoy and entertain ourselves is something quite difficult to sustain. Most of us fall into a pattern or routine that allows for a depressed mindset and physicality. Here are a few ways to avoid this seasonal depression and maintain a healthy and positive mindset.

One thing you can do to avoid falling into a boring routine is altering what you do each day. This could look different in many ways but a few examples include going out to eat at new places, picking up new hobbies, and even sleeping in a different room than normal.

Exercise and physical activity is also extremely important to help maintain a positive mindset. Integrating a new work out routine or possibly practicing yoga can cause major benefits physically and mentally. For emotional support and benefits, it is recommended to keep a journal to document your feelings, goals, and takeaways from each day.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is staying social. Our relationships with others are what we typically derive the most happiness from, therefore making in effort to be with friends and family is a must.

Finally, doing things out of the ordinary will help to keep your life interesting. This could be anything from taking a shower in the dark to cooking a meal you typically wouldn’t eat.