St Joseph High School November Community Award Winners


Theo Mager, Staff Writer

On November First, All Saints Day, Saint Joe held its monthly Mass. Along with that comes the next batch of Community Award Winners: Faculty Member Mrs. Flores, Hayley West, and Kyle Fernandez (Pictured Above from left to right: Mrs. Flores, The Aidan Short Service Award Winner Lucy VanMeter, Haley West, and Kyle Fernandez).

Mrs. Flores is a very talented woman and it is very evident that she cares about each and every one of her students. When passing her in the hallway, she will always make an effort to smile. Even just having Mrs. Flores as a sub, she tried to know each and every student’s name, and make the classroom environment enjoyable. Mrs. Flores has been a blessing for the Saint Joseph community. When talking about her advice for students, she said, “Think Big!” She emphasized not being so caught up in high school that you lose sight of the bigger picture. She talked about how important college was, and to keep our success going after high school.

The other community award winners, Kyle Fernandez and Haley West, are prime examples to underclassmen to make the best of their high school careers. Kyle made his mark these past four years as a star tennis player, including being captain senior year. Kyle’s outgoing personality makes students want to interact more in the classroom. Kyle’s advice to underclassmen is “to be yourself, work hard from the start, and not take any second for granted.”

Haley West is an elite softball player, with the ability to play in college.  She tries to put in hard work and show her kindness daily. Her advice to the underclassmen is “to try new things even if you are not the best, and just have fun and enjoy the experience.”