Saint of the Week: Francis Xavier

Angel Orozco

Saint Francis Xavier, was born April 7, 1506 in Navarre, Spain. He grew up and received his early education in Xavier, later studied at the University of Paris in 1525. In 1529 he was assigned a room with Ignatius of Loyola.

Francis was ordained a priest in 1537 after reuniting with their band after completing their studies. The group, and a few recruits, later took path to Rome where they put themselves at the disposal of the pope. They preached and took care of the sick throughout central Italy, at one point they became really famous that Catholic princes sought their services. Francis left Rome and headed to the indies on March 15, 1540

Francis arrived in 1549 to Japan first landing in Kagoshima and later moving to Hirado where he spent a total of two years and three months preaching. Francis was able to convert about 100 Japanese to Christianity in Kagoshima. Francis was able to convert more people in 20 days of proselytizing than he was able to in one year at Kagoshima. In 1551 the first church was built in Japan on an Island. In 1550 he set for Kyoto looking for the emperor to request permission to preach christianity throughout Japan.

Francis was best known for his preaching in India, Malay archipelago, and Japan. It is estimated that he had baptized around 30,000 converts during his lifetime. Francis is known as the patron saint of missionaries, and sadly died in 1552