Martha Cleary’s Faith Life

All about the faith with Martha Cleary

Angel Orozco

What can you tell the Saint Joseph community about your faith life?

Martha is a senior at Saint Joseph High School, both her family and Martha herself have a strong devotion to God. Getting the opportunity to talk with Martha about her faith life and her connection with God was interesting and heart touching. Martha explained her life growing up and how her faith wasn’t as important to her when she was younger up until her middle school years where she began to focus more on herself and who she wanted to be. Martha had questions about her life and what she was called to do. She began to work on her relationship with God, getting to know more about what God was calling her to do and who he was calling her to be.

How have past experiences brought you closer to God?

Martha went with her friends to a camp, “Catholic Youth Summer Camp” where she had the chance to not only grow in faith but grow in faith with her friends and others attending the camp. Martha talks about the camp and says, “it was about learning how to pray while also doing things like paintball and high ropes.” Martha learned to pray in a different way that created that relationship with Jesus that was not only true but personal. Martha learned to understand who she was and her value in life.


“I developed a person relationship with Jesus and i got to know him as a person and not some dude in the Bible”


How have you kept this faith life alive throughout high school?

Martha used what she had learned at camp and how her life had value to change her attitude towards others. She sees value in other people and she treats everyone equally with the a positive mindset knowing tomorrow may not come. Martha talks about God loving us even when we make mistakes and uses that to help her through each day and uses it when participating in sports or clubs at Saint Joseph. Martha is in Right to life, theater, student council, National Honors Society, and lacrosse. She does her best to always view everyone the way God views us and does her best to remind others that God loves us all and that we are all children of God.

Catholic Youth Summer Camp photo by: Catholic Diocese of Ohio