Saint Joe’s Girls Soccer: An Unstoppable Force


Emanuel Alaniz

Sarah Heistand with the Lady Indians took a nearly two hour long business trip this past Saturday to face off in a non-conference game against the Crown Point Bulldogs. Despite the harsh conditions and long drive, the girls still managed to come out with a 3-0 win continuing their promising undefeated record of 4-0. 

Senior Sarah Heistand, the star athlete of the game, buried a ball in the back of the net for the second game in a row, helping secure a 2-0 lead for the Indians. Her fellow teammate Bella Troester  described Sarah’s goal as “beautiful.” Coach DePauw praised the efforts of Sarah and her teammates as “good and hard fought”. 

Sarah has been a three year varsity player and has been able to contribute greatly to the Saint Joe Girls soccer team in that time. Officially a starter halfway through her sophomore season, felt relieved that all of her hard work had paid off. She knew that being a varsity player, let alone starter, would be one of her most exciting high school accomplishments. It’s especially meaningful to her knowing that she would be able to play alongside her wonderful friends. She praises the bonds she has made through the SJGS program saying, “I’ve formed strong bonds with my teammates. I know that I can always count on them no matter what. I’ve never met so many people just as competitive as me, and I feel that it’s helped me compete at such a higher level.”

Sarah looks forward to playing the tougher opponents on their schedule, hoping to be able to determine where the soccer team stands in 3A. Her main motivation this year is to make a run in the playoffs and hopefully win state. She is not unfamiliar with the feeling of a State game, having been a part of the 2018 team who made it that far and lost a hard fought game against Cathedral. Entering her senior year now, she hopes to leave behind a mark on the program, and leave her senior year knowing that she gave it her all in every practice and game. Especially with all of these COVID restrictions, knows that she has to appreciate any game and practice as it could be her last. She says, “I am grateful that I can spend another day with my teammates, competing and playing the game I love. Sarah is proud of her team and the school it stands for. She couldn’t be more proud of all the hard efforts of her teammates, and hopes that they feel the same way about her. 

As Sarah has put it she, and the soccer team, have “unfinished business.” The lady Indians look forward to this week’s games against Elkhart and Chesterton.