Destined for DePaul


Bella Troester, staff writer/ video editor

Senior Natalie Moore is planning on attending DePaul University next year. She committed to the university last fall to continue her soccer career. As a senior captain this year, she exhibits her leadership on and off the field.

Natalie didn’t play her freshman high school season, instead choosing to play for Indy Fire, her high-level travel team in Indianapolis. When the news came that she would be playing for Saint Joseph her sophomore year, the whole team was thrilled. Along with bringing a great sense of leadership she also brought unmatched skill that would help the team succeed. She scored 13 goals and had 11 assists during her first season playing for Saint Joseph. The team played in the state championship that year, but unfortunately lost. Natalie showed her leadership that game by always having positive things to say while also giving the team helpful advice. During her junior season she scored 22 goals and had 10 assists. She was a key player for the Indians, and other teams saw her as a threat. The team could count on Natalie every day at practice not only to work hard but also for a good laugh. Her bubbly personality helped create an atmosphere that everyone enjoyed. She was a teammate that could crack a joke one minute, and be 100% focused the next, working as hard as she could. 

In the Fall of her junior year, she was talking to multiple coaches and schools about playing soccer for them. She highly considered attending and playing at Indiana University in Bloomington. However, she ultimately came to the conclusion that DePaul University was the best fit for her. When I asked Natalie about her decision she said, “I was really planning on going to IU but then I visited DePaul and it felt like home. They’re both two completely different atmospheres and I really fell in love with the one at DePaul.” She will be attending DePaul in the fall of 2021. DePaul University is located in Chicago, Illinois and is a Division One school. Natalie also stated “I also knew I would be out of my comfort zone at DePaul and being in Chicago and wanted that for myself when I went to college.” She is always looking to push herself and improve.

One of Natalie’s goals since she has been little was to play college level soccer. She played for MSA, Jr. Irish Soccer Club, Michiana Echo Soccer Club, and Indy Fire Juniors Soccer Club. Playing many years of travel soccer has helped and formed Natalie into the player she is today. She started playing soccer for the Jr. Irish Soccer Club when she was in first grade. Since then she has fallen in love with the game of soccer and has been dedicated to working hard multiple days of the week. When I asked Natalie why she wanted to play soccer in college she responded, “I’m so excited to play soccer in college because I had always been planning on it and when I thought of going to school, soccer was always in the picture. I look forward to competing at such a high level and for my school.” Saint Joseph High School family is blessed to have Natalie not only as a player for three years, a captain her senior year, but also as a classmate and friend. We wish Natalie the best of luck her senior year and at DePaul!