Top 10 Moments in Saint Joe History

Although 900+ students go to school at Saint Joe, very few know much about the history of the school and what has made it so special for graduates over the years. Saint Joseph High School is currently in its 67th year, and we feel it is important to inform the Saint Joe community of what our amazing school has accomplished and gone through in those 67 years. From the opening of the new building to the milestones of our sports teams, there are quite a few significant events that you probably don’t know yet. We will be diligently searching through the past to create a list of the top ten greatest events in Saint Joe history. These events we will be talking about were key points in Saint Joseph High School’s history and development as a place of academic excellence, athletic achievement, faith-filled lives, and preserved tradition. As a sneak peek, we will be sharing number 10 with you right now! 

Our number 10 spot on the Top Ten Greatest Saint Joe Moments goes all the way back to 1953, when Saint Joseph High School was formed. Our high school formed from the merging of South Bend Central Catholic, Saint Joseph’s Academy, and South Bend Catholic. South Bend Catholic, interestingly enough, also absorbed Saint Hedwig’s High School, which is still a thriving Church community here in South Bend. This merger is the true reason students have walked the halls of Saint Joe for 60+ years. Thank you for reading up on our new series dedicated to giving you the best moments of Saint Joseph High School. We will be announcing events number 9 through 7 in our next article, so stay tuned to find out more exciting events about our school!