SJ Girls Swim Takes on State!


Grace Ryal, Reporter

This past week, our very own girls swim team traveled to compete in a series of tournaments, either qualifying for the pre-eliminatory rounds or the final. Varsity swimmers Jane Lloyd, Olivia Elston, Cece Farrell, and Jackie Dobrydney had all qualified to compete in the 400 Medley and placed 24th! In the 200 medley relay- Grace Litzinger, Olivia Elston, Jane Lloyd, and Jackie Dobryndney had qualified for the prelims, and placed 20th out of the whole state!

What an accomplishment for these ladies after working hard all season! Junior, Olivia Elston, had qualified for Sectionals and placed 18th in the 100th back with a time of 57.72! Although not all girls qualified to swim at state, it is still a major accomplishment as a team!

The girls had a very successful season, with swimmers Emma Morris, Maddie Crowley, Vivian Wheeler, Katie Jachim, and Catie Oross making headway this season by placing top scores for their team at various different meets and sectionals. This is the last season for Jane Lloyd, Catie Oross, and Katie Jachim swimming here at Saint Joe. Jane  Lloyd decided to take her talent to collegiate level by swimming at the University of San Diego next year in California! Although swimming might be a fun and relaxing recreational time for others, swimming to the Saint Joe Girls team is a sport and hobby that they put their life and time into. It is a physically exhausting and tiring sport that uses skills and all muscles of your body. This team practices at early times in the morning too late at night to constantly better themselves whether it is in the swimming pool or in the weight room. Make sure to congratulate all the girls on a great season and for placing this year at State!