3 Things I’ve Learned Because of Dance

3 Things Ive Learned Because of Dance

Ellie Curtis, Staff Reporter

This upcoming week, I begin a program at my dance school that lets older dancers teach a few classes every week to younger dancers. This made me think about when I was little and I first fell in love with dancing. Dance has given me some of the greatest opportunities and experiences of my life, but it has also shaped the person I’ve become in many ways. So if you’re thinking about ever taking a dance class or interested in anything about dance, here are just some of the ways dance has affected my life in positive ways.

One of the things that every dancer learns is how difficult the dance world can be. It takes a lot of grit and determination to be a dancer. As someone who wants to make a career out of dance, I had to learn that I need to work 10 times harder to achieve my goals. Dance is one of the most complicated art forms because it is so physically demanding, as well as mentally. Dancers have to be tough and dedicated to their art.

I’ve also learned that not everything will always go your way. You may want to be the starring role in every show, but you could end up in the backline of the corps de ballet. You might have to do a series of steps that you love, or hate to do. Often, dancers are subject to the ideas of a choreographer and can offer little input. If something doesn’t go as planned, I know to think of it as a way to grow. Just because you didn’t get the starring role one week, doesn’t mean you can’t get it the next. Every setback is an opportunity to get better.

One of the most important things I’ve learned from dance is responsibility. When you’re a dancer, you are responsible for yourself and getting better. Yes, training with teachers is an incredible way to improve. But, if you don’t apply constructive criticism to yourself, and make it a habit, it is difficult to improve. Dancers must know how to recognize when they are injured and take care of themselves in order to heal. Even in the off-season, dancers have to keep stretching, training, and dancing to maintain their strength. To be a dancer, you have to be responsible and make decisions that will better yourself. 

If you’ve ever considered dancing in your life, consider how it might change your life. In many ways, dance has strengthened me physically and mentally; challenged me; and shaped the person I’ve become. Without it, I wonder how different I would be.