The Morris’ 100th Anniversary


Ellie Curtis, Staff Reporter

As someone who is a lover of the arts, I was excited to hear that the Morris Performing Arts Center was celebrating their 100th anniversary this year with a brand new update! The Morris plans to first start with renovations on the inside, with new seating and floor plans inside the theater. They will also update their mechanics and HVAC system. They also plan to expand their parking and access to more elevators for their shows. The plaza outside the theater also plans to have a makeover that will be geared to helping create a better outdoor atmosphere for performances. They have many more plans for the theater to ensure another 100 years of the Morris. Phase one their project is set to end just in time for the upcoming season on October 1st.

To celebrate this, later this month, the Morris is hosting the “Morris 100 Fest” to celebrate its anniversary. The event will last two days: Friday, September 30th, and Saturday, October 1st. This free event will celebrate phase one of the Morris’ renovations, and celebrate the different artists who have helped shape the theater into a South Bend legend. 

Local groups expected in attendance are The South Bend Symphony Orchestra Quintet, Southold Dance Theater, and many more! They also hope to have some regional artists play at one of their two main stages. They plan to have food trucks, games and activities, street performers, and even a ferris wheel!

The next steps towards the Morris’ makeover include a new parking area for attendees, which is set to be built in the next few years.