Lacrosse Team Wins State With Vengeance


Peter Pieniazkiewicz, senior contributor

” Truly a sweet sweet feeling” is what 4-year member Luke Matthys uttered in response to the state victory for the 2021-2022 Boys lacrosse team. It all came full circle when the Indians beat out the Golden Eagles for the state title. This win was more meaningful due to the Indians losing the previous year to Guerin in the title game 6-5. However, they returned to the state title game full of vengeance beating Guerin 8-7   in a grudge match.

Following the 2021 state title loss to Guerin, the Saint Joe lacrosse team took their heartbreaking loss as motivation for the next season. They adopted many new forms of practice including weight conditioning. According to Luke Matthys, “There were many late nights at practice, we were trying to perfect the little details of the game.” The team practiced long and hard as they were undefeated against division opponents.

The team was tested early on when they faced off against Guerin during the regular season and they came up victorious. Luke Matthys said, ” It was a good indicator of what was to come after beating Guerin in the regular season, But we knew the job wasn’t finished.”

The Indians went in not the postseason with a bye-week. After the bye-week, they dominated every team by beating them almost by double every game. Then came the state final game which was an instant classic. Two state powerhouses facing off. It was a perfect opportunity for the Indians to find revenge – as they became victorious in a hard-fought battle defeating the Guerin Golden Eagles.