Album Review: Imagine Dragons Mercury Act 2

Brian Gring, Staff Writer

Since the band’s forming in 2008, Imagine Dragons has quickly become an international sensation and standout in the music industry. The group formed out of Las Vegas and produces music that encompasses alternative rock, pop and electronic music all into one. At the time of writing, Imagine Dragons is the first group in music history to achieve Diamond certification by the RIAA on 4 singles: “Radioactive”, “Believer”, “Demons”, and most recently “Thunder”.

On July 1 2022, Imagine Dragons released the sequel to their two part album Mercury Act 2. The sequel came almost a year after the release of Mercury Act 1 on September 3 2021, and it is surely gaining just as much attention as its predecessor. Currently, the most popular song on the track, “Bones” has over 200,000,000 plays on Spotify, only two months after its release.

Overall, the album is nothing less than spectacular. Each and ever song manages to deliver Imagine Dragon’s original sound while still sounding unique compared to their other songs. “Bones” and “Sharks” are the most popular songs from the album on Spotify, although they have been featured in more adds than any other songs on the album, contributing to that popularity. The most underrated songs on the album are “Sirens”, which touches on the constant noise and distractions of modern society, and “Tied”, which tells a rollercoaster tale of love through time.

While the album performs as a whole, it lacks the individual standouts that have led to Imagine Dragon’s success. Each song is unique and powerful in its own way, but the predecessor¬†Mercury Act 1¬†contained more breakout hits. Regardless, this album deserves a 8/10. The songs have powerful messages and the beats are as catchy as ever, only being overshadowed by hit songs of albums past.