A Day in the Life of of a Soccer Player


Senior Sarah Hiestand

Olivia Agostino, Staff Writer

A day in the life of a high school athlete requires more work than you may expect.  Especially during these uncertain times of a pandemic, high schoolers have to be extra cautious if they want to be able to play the entirety of their season.  After talking to a few boys and girls soccer players at Saint Joseph High School, I got a feel for what exactly goes into a day’s work when you’re a high school soccer player.  I was shocked to learn of the different demands that vary from the boys to the girls teams.  

As a senior in high school, Sarah Hiestand, a 5’9” midfielder on the girls team, starts her day at 8:40 a.m..  Classes for her begin at 9 o’clock, giving her roughly twenty minutes toget herself prepared for the day.  She claims that, “Twenty minutes is plenty of time.  I grab a bagel, hop on zoom, and try my best to stay awake for first period.”  Sarah is taking some rigorous and challenging classes, so juggling academics and athletics can be a struggle at times.  Hiestand is also a three sport athlete, giving her little to no rest from sports during the school year.  Her schedule includes AP Calculus, which is an advanced placement course.  In addition, she is taking ACP, which is a college english course.  Classes like these are not easy, and the workload is heavy, to say the least.

With the worry of the coronavirus, Saint Joseph High School has been online for the start of the school year.  Students log in at 9 a.m. and have their normal blue and white day classes on according days, but all virtually.  They have so far, continued to have fall sports after school hours as normal.  Hiestand says, “It’s hard because it’s our last year at St. Joe and we don’t even get to be at the school in the classroom, which is not easy.” 

When reminiscing about old memories, Hiestand said, “I remember first coming here and thinking, ‘I can’t wait to call this home for the next four years.’”  It is especially hard for Seniors at Saint Joe right now because of the comraderie that comes with the final year of high school.  Senior sports seasons, senior prom, senior dinner, senior skip day, senior section, and all the other exciting and adventurous activities that come with being a senior.  

However, boys and girls soccer players are making the most of every practice and game.  Senior Georgia Place reminded the team recently, “ We never know if we will get to play another game together, so put all you’ve got into every game because you never know if it’s going to be your last.”  This season has been different for everyone, but players and coaches are looking at the positives, and focusing on taking care of business each and every game.  

Senior Ryan Larkins, who is a member of the boy’s soccer team, has a slightly different schedule than Hiestand.  He wakes up at 7 a.m., eats breakfast, and gets ready for a 7:30 zoom call for his MOXIE class.  This two hour jump start on Hiestand’s day comes at a cost though.  After his MOXIE call, Ryan says, “I nap until my next class, which is at 10:20, and usually eat some more food.”

“It is important for players to eat throughout the day, and continue drinking water,” says Coach Verteramo, the boys soccer head coach.  Larkins also includes some active movement throughout the day, walking his dog after lunch, and also taking short naps to stay well rested before practice.  

Before they know it, players are heading home to eat dinner, shower, maybe work on some homework, and go to bed to do it all over again the next day.  

The life of a student athlete can be a grind but provides structure that keeps them busy and focused. The boys’ and girls’ teams continue to build memories as the season marches toward the post season.