Why School Uniforms Are a Good Thing

Why School Uniforms Are a Good Thing

Having grown up attending schools that require uniforms, I have come to appreciate their enforcement, and believe that it is important to recognize the many pros they offer. Some may say that uniforms limit self-expression, are too strict, or are generally unnecessary, but as the percentage of schools implementing uniforms rises, the positive effects are becoming more clear.

A common argument against uniforms is the claim that students cannot express individuality, and are all made to look the same. Indeed, uniforms promote a cohesive and more focused student body, yet they do not take from students’ ability to show originality. For example, the Saint Joe uniform requires khaki pants, shorts, or skirts, and either a

button up collared shirt, polo, or fleeces and crewnecks. Not only are there already a variety of options for students, but by accessorizing with shoes, belts, jewelry, and styling, demonstrating one’s unique creativity is entirely achievable.

Some forms of self expression, however, may violate school dress codes and be inappropriate for the learning environment. Yet with uniforms, dress codes are easier to enforce. School administrators have recognized also that students are able to spend more time in class rather than in the office because of clothing violations, which improves their experience and performance.

Mandatory uniforms also make for a better student experience because they can help increase punctuality. In the mornings, students do not have to spend time trying to find a new outfit, which in turn makes their morning routine more efficient. Uniforms do not only help to reduce tardies, but they can also improve overall attendance. Studies have shown that the amount of absences for high school and middle school girls decreased by 7% with the introduction of uniforms.

Speaking from personal experience, out of uniform days have proven to be surprisingly difficult to get ready for, as picking an outfit takes up at least twice as much time than it would normally. I find that on these days, I spend a good amount of time focused on my outfit and the outfits of others, compared to uniform days where I don’t give it a second thought.

While students may not like school uniforms, it is undeniable that they can improve the learning experience and promote a better school environment.