The Saint Joseph Square

Sophia Rozycki, Staff reporter

 The Saint Joseph news and broadcasting team has decided to combine with yearbook in 2020, creating a school news organization. The key piece is the launch of our school news website, The Saint Joseph Square! This website will be dedicated to all things Saint Joe, with content created by the Saint Joe students enrolled in news and broadcasting, along with contributions from the entire student body.

As a result of COVID- 19 and mode three learning; teachers, students, and all staff have made many great modifications and sacrifices to help the Saint Joseph community adapt and thrive this school year. The website is run under the direction of English teachers Mrs. Smolinski and Mr. DePauw. 

In addition to articles, the website will feature photographs, videos, and infographics. Many of the videos featured on the morning announcements will also be available on the Square. The website will also have weekly polls for students to participate in. The Saint Joseph Square will serve as an outlet and platform for students to share the amazing things happening within our community.

Be sure to bookmark the Square website and visit it regularly at