Saint Joseph Mock Trial Season Starts Soon

Saint Joseph Mock Trial Season Starts Soon

Luke Matthys

The 2022-2023 Mock Trial Season starts soon! The date that marks the beginning of the season has not yet been released, but rest assured that it will be soon.

Mock trial is a program by the Indiana Bar Foundation that introduces students to the American legal system and judicial branch of government. Indiana schools receive the same court case, and the students must fill the roles of the trial. Students can take on either the role of an attorney or witness on the plaintiff/prosecuting side or defense side (or both if wanted/needed). Witnesses memorize their witness statements and the background information of the trial, and respond to the attorney’s questions when asked. Attorneys read the witness statements and create questions based off of what his or her side wants to know. During the season, the two sides (plaintiff/prosecution and defense) create their own case theory, which is a side’s story of what occurred and how. The two sides’ case theories are different, as to support one side and discredit the other. The two sides compete against other schools in sectionals, where they are scored on an accumulation of individual student performances. If won, the team goes to state.

The Saint Joseph Mock Trial team is advised by Mr. Shakour, who is an attorney. He does a great job giving tips to both the attorneys and witnesses on what to do and how to act, as well as provides experience on what it is like to be in a courtroom during an actual trial. Mr. Shakour also has direct knowledge of Mock Trial since he competed when he was a student here at Saint Joe himself.

If you are interested, email me at [email protected] to get signed up!