5 Easy Solutions to Tech Problems


Braedon Troy, Staff Writer

We’ve all experienced the feeling: rushing to log into a Zoom meeting just for the Internet to fail. Panic sets in, and you wonder what you’re missing. Don’t fear–the Saint Joe Square has some easy tips to help you reconnect your internet–quick.

(Note: These tips are not anything close to technologically advanced. They are meant for small crashes and outages for your computer only. If your computer is having more serious technical difficulties, contact the iHelp desk immediately.)

  • Do not Panic: The first thing you’ll want to do is panic once your computer stops working. However, this is something you’ll want to avoid, since it could make you more anxious, causing less of a clear mind to solve the problem. Additionally, do not take out your frustrations on your laptop, as this could cause serious damage to your device. Even if you don’t hurt it too much, a shot in the right spot could be a near-fatal blow to your laptop. It’s completely understandable if you’re a bit late to a Zoom or kicked out of a class if your connection is unreliable.
  • Reset: It’s one of the simplest things to do when experiencing technical problems, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. Simply quitting out of your browser (not just exiting it, but actually quitting the app) can be an effective way to get back on the grid. But if that doesn’t work, try restarting your computer. It’s relatively quick, easy, and temporarily solves many issues.
  • Investigate: While your computer resets, don’t simply sit there. Ask other people in your household if they’re having any similar problems if possible. If they are, consider resetting your modem if others are okay with doing so. If no one else is having problems, contact a few friends or classmates and see if they are also having issues. If they are, there’s a pretty good chance that it may not be your problem that is the issue. If necessary, ask them to talk to the teacher of your class (if they’re in the same class) and notify them of what’s going on.
  • Other Devices: If your computer still doesn’t work after the reset, you may need to look at other options for logging on. If you have another computer in the house that’s not in use, it’s a great idea to use that one temporarily. For Zoom meetings specifically, a phone can also work just as well, by downloading the Zoom app. If possible, another great option is using your personal hotspot on your phone to connect. This can be unreliable for a long amount of time, but it’s a very good option to get through one class. 
  • Research: When you have the time, it’s a good idea to research your problem as well, to see if it has a common fix. However, the best resource available is still the Saint Joe iHelp desk. If these tips don’t help the problem, and you don’t know of any other solution, contacting them should be the next step. They can be found at 574- 232-1121 or [email protected]


We hope that some of these tips helped you resolve your issues. Good luck Saint Joe!