Senior Spotlight: Lucy Williams


Mitchell Kazmierzak, Reporter

Senior Lucy Williams is a gifted artist who is taking AP Art. AP Art is an advanced art class that has a select amount of students. Students have to create a portfolio that has a concentration and includes fifteen pieces of artwork.

Williams is certainly up to the challenge. Her concentration is using monocratic colors to convey an individual’s identity. Williams’ love for art started when she was five years old. She remembers going to her grandma’s house after school and her grandma teaching her how to paint and draw. Williams’ grandma is her inspiration as her grandma implements her art into her everyday life and family.

“I love art because no matter what is going on in my life, I can go to art. It is a nice little therapy for me to just kinda relax and chill.” Williams plans in the future to keep doing her art as it is something she enjoys immensely.

Her next adventure includes going to college and majoring in creative writing and literature with a minor in art history at either Hope College or Seton Hall. Beyond focusing on art, Williams devotes her time to being president of CRS Club and Art Club. She has a deep passion to help others who are hungry, poor, or suffering so she decided to join CRS Club. She also is the president of Art Club and says “it is a relaxed group of people who likes the same thing as I do.”