Quarantine Hobbies: Thomas Helm

Ben Bailey, Staff Writer

During the stay-at-home order last school year, junior Thomas Helm decided to make the most of his time since March by picking up the hobby of cooking, specifically smoking meats. 

When asked about his interest in smoking meats, he stated that the primary reason behind his new hobby was simple: “I really like to eat.” Additionally, he said, “smoking meat gives me something to do during longer days, as it takes up the whole day, and keeps me constantly involved.”

Cooking was not a large part of his at-home lifestyle prior to the pandemic, however. “To me, cooking has been something different, as my family doesn’t cook that much, so it’s something extra to do that is really interesting to me.” 

Quarantine motivated a large population of Americans like Thomas to pick up new hobbies, with cooking being no exception. Various forms of cooking, such as baking, making jam, and smoking meats, became a new part of the lives of citizens in the United States. These new chefs can become very invested in their culinary hobbies, and, as Thomas stated during an interview, they “require your full attention for a considerable amount of the day”, so it could be a strong decision to spend your time cooking and smoking meats.