Coping with Senioritis

Brian Gring, Staff Writer

A storm is coming. Seniors everywhere are catching cases of a terrible illness lasting an upwards of two full semesters. The monstrosity that is ‘Senioritis’ has come early this year.

The oxford dictionary defines Senioritis as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” In basic terms, senioritis is when seniors cease caring about high school and focus all attention on college endeavors. All of a sudden, homework deadlines and uniform codes feel minuscule compared to scholarship deadlines and housing applications. This transitionary time for seniors is not easy, and balancing school work with the college entry process is troublesome. The following tips are recommended to help seniors through the time.

  1. Set Goals – These can be short or long term, anything from finishing a project a month from now or just turning assignments in on time. Crossing things off to-do-lists is a gratifying experience that can boost motivation.
  2. Make a schedule – Once a set of goals is made, schedule out your time for assignments and events so you know what is coming up and how much time there is for major projects.
  3. Stay involved – Even though college events are becoming more frequent, keep doing all the usual high school activities. Stay in extracurriculars, attend all the senior events, and be an active member of the school community. Make sure college doesn’t become the only important facet of life.

If all else fails, talk to someone. Seniors of years past have gone through this process before, and have plenty of wisdom to share. Teachers have watched Senioritis hit every year and know the best tips and tricks. Stay on task, make goals, and ask for help.