Top Saint Joe Moments in History – 3 to 1

Michael McNeill

It’s time for me to reveal the top three entries to the Top Saint Joe Moments in History. Keep reading this final article to learn about #3, #2, and #1!

First, the third greatest moment in Saint Joe history is the one and only time our football team has won the state championship. This game was played against Jasper High School in the season of 1995. Saint Joe steamrolled the competition and came out victorious with an impressive score of 28-0. As the first and only time we have become state champs, this is surely a moment in our history that will never be forgotten.

Holding the title of second place is the year 2017, when both the Girls Basketball and Boys Baseball teams became state champions. This is a monumental year because not one, but two our our athletic teams achieved the state champ title simultaneously, a definite first in Saint Joe History. The coincidence of these teams putting in their best effort and ending up as the best in state during the same season is what makes this event #2 on the list.

Finally, what I know you all have been waiting for: the official best moment in Saint Joe High School’s History. Nothing could surpass the day that the ground was broken for the new Saint Joe building. This day signifies a transition between two eras of our history, and so many good things have come from the new building and everything it has to offer. In the summer of 2012, the original building was vacated and sold to the University of Notre Dame. Thanks to the Forward in Faith campaign, enough funds were raised to build the new facility in the previous location of the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center. Along with this relocation, the school’s name was changed to ┬áSaint Joseph High School, and the new new building was dedicated in August of 2012.

Thank you for keeping up with our Top 10 list, and I hope you learned something new about Saint Joe’s rich history!