Saint Joe Answers The Call: Keep The Flame Alive

Saint Joe Answers The Call: Keep The Flame Alive

Angel Orozco

To coincide with the beginning of Catholic Schools Week on January 31, the Catholic Identity Committee announced that they are launching a video contest entitled “Keeping the Flame Alive.” Students are encouraged to enter submissions to win one of the cash prizes. Prizes will include $100, $50, and $25 for the best submissions. Each student will make explain what being Catholic means to you. Contact Mr. Culver or Ms. Lamp if you are interested at [email protected] or [email protected] so you can be added to the Canvas group. The deadline for the contest is March 19th, the feast of Saint Joseph.

Individual students or groups of students are eligible to submit a video.’Students can be involved in more than one submission, and students will also need a faculty/ staff advisor listed on the project. Videos should be between 60 and 90 seconds and should focus on answering these two guiding questions:

  • What does it mean to be a Catholic School as distinct from a public or private school?

  • How is this identity lived out from day to day at Saint Joe (focus on ONE key example)?

The following best practices have been suggested by Mr. DePauw who teaches our Film course and News & Broadcasting:

Remember to film using horizontal not vertical footage. Take care with lighting and sound by recording in places that are well lit and quiet. You are encouraged to film multiple takes in order to get the best footage. Also capture footage of people doing an activity not just interviews so we can see them living out their Catholic identity not just talking about it. Finally, during the editing process, cut often to keep the viewer engaged by having a number of different shots. Also be sure to use copyright free music which can be obtained online at various websites that provide royalty free music such as or

Remember the deadline for submissions is March 19 and to contact Mr. Culver or Ms. Lamp if you are interested.