New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Wang

Onur Toper, Staff Writer

Ms. Hillary Wang has come to Saint Joseph High School as the new Chinese Teacher, teaching Chinese I, II, and III. Her experience with the language is extensive, having grown up in China and attending undergraduate university there at Liaoning University. She continued her education here in South Bend at IUSB, completing a Master of Arts in English Literature. 

Ms. Wang comes from an impressive background of teaching Chinese. She taught at LaLumiere and New Prairie Middle School for two years prior to coming to Saint Joe. She is also a Teaching Assistant at the University of Notre Dame’s Chinese Program. She also comes with a background of teaching English in China, having taught there for three years. She is ecstatic to be joining the Saint Joe community and is looking forward to a great school year! “I’m very excited to join the Saint Joe teaching team.  Right now we are in a hard time, but I’m excited to have students in the room in mode two,” Ms. Wang said. 

She particularly stresses the importance of a foreign language for all students and how students’ hard work pays off in real-life dialogue. “I really like to help kids to learn a foreign language and to open their mind for a new world,” Ms. Wang said. “I still remember from my first class teaching Chinese, most of them didn’t have any basic knowledge about Chinese learning, but after two to three weeks of learning, they were able to start conversations with their partners in class. . . I think that’s where my passion is: helping kids to learn the language and the culture and knowing about the other part of the world and the life that people live.” 

  Ms. Wang has also been planning projects with her Chinese students that will enhance their understanding of Chinese culture such as creating posters and holding a movie event. “We are planning some events related to Chinese culture. I am very excited to work with my students to develop this program into a bigger one,” said Ms. Wang.

Ms. Wang’s experience in China and incredible teaching credentials will help to build our Saint Joe community even more and will allow for students to learn one of the most important languages in the world!