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My Favorite Songs of the School Year

Seth Badics
May 20, 2023

It's no surprise I'm a fan of music, especially the stuff thrown under the radar. As the school year wraps up, let's take a trip down what I consider the...

The Best Music to Study To

The Best Music to Study To

May 5, 2023

With exams and finals among us, staying on track may prove to be difficult. Often people suggest listening to music, but there is a right and wrong type...

A Proper Way To Remix Music - Spotlight on dobi

A Proper Way To Remix Music – Spotlight on dobi

seth badics, music fan
May 1, 2023

Making an edit of an already existing song can become very difficult to do right. Some artists often excel at this, putting their own style into a song...

spark and more, A Quick Review

“spark” and more, A Quick Review

April 23, 2023

Ryan Leahan's album "spark" is a simple pop-rock album, with good writing and even better production. This album has a lot of incredible moments even from...

grape milk - SPIDER, a quick review

grape milk – SPIDER, a quick review

seth badics, 'professional' music reviewer
April 19, 2023

Eli "grape milk" Warren continues to be his own thing in terms of his music. SPIDER, his most recent EP, is definitely showing Eli's weirder side (especially...

UNIVERSE - An Honest Album Review

“UNIVERSE” – An Honest Album Review

Seth Badics
March 10, 2023

Electronic Artist Omar Davis, known by their stage name Moore Kismet has been known for an incredible influence to the scene and their extremely punchy...

The cover art to Skrillexs Quest for Fire album.

A Review of “Quest for Fire” – Was It Worth the Wait?

February 26, 2023

Skrillex has been out of the limelight since around 2014. He was an early pioneer of the modern dance music scene, possessing a very unique style to his...

Artist Spotlight - shameless.

Artist Spotlight – shameless.

February 16, 2023

Shameless (formatted as shameless.) is the stage name of the incredible artist we're covering this week. Shameless is known for his extremely lush soundscapes...

A screenshot from the live visuals for the album.

“it’s hard to see color”, a review of the Jaron debut album.

February 8, 2023

"it's hard to see color [When You're So Impossibly Far Away]" is the debut album by upcoming artist Jaron. It was a completely unexpected project, only...

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A Look at This Year’s Best Picture Nominations

Seth Badics
February 5, 2023

The Best Picture nominations at the Oscars are always a pleasant surprise to see. To truly put the best works of cinema against each other is always a...

Deacon Oross Ordination. Photo from Todays Catholic

Theology Chair Becomes Deacon Oross

Seth Badics
January 23, 2023

Recently, Mr. Verhiley and Mr. Oross, two of our Theology teachers, were ordained along with 16 other men as Deacons. This is a historical first in our...

An Honest Review of catch22 by wishlane

An Honest Review of ‘catch22’ by wishlane

December 2, 2022

An album I have been hyping up for a long time finally released a few weeks ago. The long-awaited 'catch22' by Lane Mercer (stage name 'wishlane') has...

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